J. Milton And Mikell Rich

Milton and Mikell Rich are the parents of eight children ( three sons and five daughters ), and they own two industrial safety companies. Milton served in the Northern Mexico Mission from 1957 to 1959, and has served as Ward Mission Leader three times. He also served as Counselor in the St. Louis Inner-City First Branch for three and a half years.

Milton and Mikell have been involved in continuous Gospel teaching efforts since 1977. They
have held a wide variety of church callings, but consider all callings primarily the same. They view
their efforts simply as “ loving and serving people,” sharing their testimonies with enthusiasm and
excitement for “ God’s marvelous Plan of Happiness ” and His love for all His children.
If you would like to contact Milton or Mikell Rich please write to :

Mr. and Mrs. J. Milton Rich
The Book of Mormon on Trial
4175 West 5345 South
Salt Lake City, Utah 84118
Phone: ( 801 ) 965-6200
Fax : ( 801 ) 965-6199
Email: milton@miltonrich.com