Emma Smith, I understand that you left The Church when Brigham Young took over. He was probably responsible for your husband ā€›s death and your unhappiness, so tell us the truth about the Book of Mormon. You never saw the Gold Plates or handled them, did you ?  
  It is true that I did not go to Utah with the Saints ( even though I was repeatedly invited ) and that Brigham Young and I were not on the best of terms. I had endured 17 years of constant persecution and was even rejected by my own family. When my beloved Joseph was murdered, it was just too much. I felt I couldn ā€›t go on.  
  That sounds
pretty rough !
  You are also correct that I never saw the Gold Plates in the same way as the Twelve Witnesses,
but I did get a chance to feel them.
  When Joseph was not translating, I would clean and dust the house, which required me to move the Plates. Although I could move the Plates, Joseph instructed me never to remove the linen cloth in which they were wrapped. When I moved them, they felt very heavy. I ran my hands across the top of the cloth and I felt metal sheets with engravings.1  

1 Jones ; ā€œ Emma and Joseph their Divine Mission,ā€ Page 37


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