Your Honor, I ‛m not done yet. The Book of
Mormon Prophet, Alma, states that Christ
would be born in the city of Jerusalem
— this is a blatant falsehood and a direct
contradiction of the Bible. Anyone who has
read the New Testament knows that Christ
was born in Bethlehem, as is mentioned
repeatedly in Matt 2:1-16.
  That ‛s a good point. How could
Joseph Smith make such a seemingly
obvious error ? First of all, there is a problem with your quotation of Alma 7:10. It does not say “ in the city of Jerusalem ” as you just said. But it says “ at Jerusalem which is the land of our forefathers.” Bethlehem is only five miles outside of the city of Jerusalem and is considered “ a city of the land of Jerusalem, being under the rule of Jerusalem,” just like the other numerous villages of close proximity, like Bet-Ninib, etc.1
  If you ‛ll honestly examine
My contents, you ‛ll find that
I refer to the “ city of Jerusalem ” over 60 times and
to “ the land of Jerusalem ”
over 40 times, with clear distinctions between the two.2

1 Griffith ; “ Refuting the Critics,” Pgs 15-21 2 Ibid


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