J. B., I ‛ve been talking with ministers of
many denominations and they all claim that
Mormons are not Christians. Can you make
something out of that ?
  Not Christians — hmm. Let ‛s see, does that make them gentiles, heretics, pagans, infidels, or a cult ?  
  As a matter of fact,
I believe I can.
  Thank you.  
  Your honor, I object to Joseph Smith bringing
up Jesus Christ ‛s name as if they were Christians. This is his attempt at deception. The whole world knows that Mormons are not Christians ! Everyone knows they are a cult.
  If we examine the Book of Mormon
carefully, I ‛m certain it will show
us Smith ‛s real intent. They don ‛t
even use crosses on their church
buildings like all the other Christian
denominations do. How obvious can
you get ?
  The court calls Joseph Smith
and the Book of Mormon to the
stand for their response.



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