The Challenge to Duplicate Joseph Smith’s Translation

Occasionally you hear someone say, “ I could believe your doctrine and accept your Church if I didn ’t have to swallow the story about Joseph Smith being a Prophet of God, having seen and talked to Jesus Christ face to face, meeting an Angel named Moroni, and being shown and given Gold Plates to translate.” It is possible that even you have doubted and questioned his story.

God said, “ by their fruits ye shall know them.” ( Matt 7:20 ) These are the things one would need to do to produce a similar record under comparable conditions to that of Joseph Smith.

1. You must be between 23 and 24 years of age.

2. You cannot be a college graduate or even attend high school. In fact, you can only have three years of formal education.

3. You must write based on what you currently know without any research, practice, rough drafts, or professional help during any part of the writing process.

4. You must write a book in unconventional English that is 535 pages long with 450 words per page without punctuation, capitalization, or paragraphing. Your book must be able to be divided into 239 chapters, 54 of them about wars, 21 about history, 55 about prophecies, 71 about doctrines, 17 about missionaries and 21 about the mission of Christ, making mention of Jesus Christ ( averaging ) once every 2 sentences by 101 different names without becoming monotonous.

5. You must write about a people that lived in a time period from 2100 B.C. to 400 A.D., (1400 to 3900 years before you lived.)
  6. You must live where few libraries and resources are readily available ( like in 1829 ), and those available must have very limited materials.

7. You must weave into your history the religion of Jesus Christ and the pattern of Christian living, encouraging all to live the very highest standards and to accept persecution without retaliation.
8. You must announce that your narrative is not fiction, but true God-directed sacred history written by many men that were true Prophets. At the same time, you must develop 24 distinct writing styles ( Wordprints ), shuffling and intermixing them in a most complicated manner.

9. You must claim that you are translating an unknown language ( Reformed Egyptian with a Hebrew background ) by the power of God.

10. You must state that the purpose of the record is to :
  A. Fulfill Biblical prophesy.
B. Teach and convince the Native Americans of their ancestry ; that they are descenants of the House of Israel. C. Convince Jew and Gentile that Jesus is the Christ ( the literal Son of God ).
D. Prove that God is no respecter of persons and loves all of His children everywhere.
E. Explain the ancient and Eternal Covenants of the Lord.

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