31. Thousands of great men, intellectual giants, and scholars that you have
never met must accept the record and its teachings as the word of God without personal knowledge of you or receiving any personal gain, but submit to ridicule and persecution, even to the point of death in defense of your book.
32. You must invite the ablest scholars and experts to examine the text with care for the next 170 years. You must strive diligently to put your book into the hands of those that are most eager to disprove it and who are most likely to expose any flaw that may exist in it.  
33. Thorough investigation, scientific evidence, and archaeological discoveries about these people ‛s ancestors must verify your claims and prove even the minutest details of your book to be true.
34. After 170 years of extensive analysis, no claim or fact in your book can be disproved. All other
theories, ideas, or explanations fail, leaving your account as the only possible explanation.
35. Your record must teach doctrine that is new to the world and different from all other existing churches. You must state that these teachings are not new, but are Restored Truth, and that it was taught by Jesus Christ and the ancient Prophets. Then, after your death, these same teachings must be discovered in ancient writings in many parts of the world 170 years later ( Dead Sea Scrolls, Nag Hammadi Texts, Elephantine Documents, Gospel of Philip, City of Ebla Records from northern Syria, etc. ).
36. For the next 20 years, you must watch those that follow you, your family, and your dearest loved ones be persecuted, driven from their homes, beaten, raped, and even killed. Tens of thousands must undergo these extreme hardships because of their belief in your book.
37. You must gain no wealth from your book, but instead repeatedly lose all that you have.
38. You must suffer continuous persecution and revilement for twenty years after finishing your book, ( including being tarred and feathered and having friends being also tarred and feathered because of their belief in you, put on trial over thirty times, imprisoned, suffer from extreme cold,
  be denied bathroom facilities and bedding, and be served rotting, poisoned food ). After all of this, you must willingly surrender yourself to be killed by a mob who is incensed at your teachings and testimony. 1
39. Over 140 years after your death, someone who is not a member of your
church, must be hired to translate your record into the language on which your ancient language was based ( Hebrew and Arabic ). They must verify that your record has all of the characteristics of these ancient languages.2

1 Vestal and Wallace ; “ The Firm Foundation of Mormonism,” Page 59 2 Ibid, Pgs 279-282


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